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Case Battle is a simulator where you can open cases, fight with friends in online battles, collect skins, play minigames and more!
Play now and build the largest inventory from weapons, knives and other skins!

Best features:
◆ Case opener
Open cases to get skins and experience, you can open 4 cases at the same time. Earned skins you can collect or sell.

◆ Case Battle
Case Battle is a multiplayer game with one rule. Winner takes everything! The player with the most drops wins.The winner gets all skins, including the skins of other players. Losers go away with nothing. Each battle takes place between 2 and 4 players.

◆ Case Clicker
Keep tapping the screen to earn money and experience. You can improve your clicks, combos or critical strike chances by raising your level.

◆ Wheel of fortune
Spin the wheel of fortune and win rewards! You can win skins, knives, gloves or money!

◆ Skins Fight
Try your luck in Skins Fight and win all skins from pot! You can play with 4-7 players.

◆ Upgrader
Upgrade your old skin to new better skin! Available multipliers: 1.5x,2.0x,3.0x,5.0x,10.0x

◆ Chat
Chat with other players online!

◆ Inventory
Nice and simple inventory. All your skins for weapons and knives are here. Browse and sell your skins that you don't want to have in inventory.

◆ Special cases
There are over 30 unique cases to choose from! Each case has a different skins.

◆ Level system
Open cases, play minigames, fight with friends in online battles to raise your level. The higher level you have, the higher rewards you get.

◆Rank system
Try to get best rank in game - The Global Elite!

◆ Profile
Choose your favorite avatar and set a name to stand out in Case Battles!

◆ All cases
Case Battle contains all standard cases, including new prisma case!

Please note: This opener is just mobile simulation app and it's not related to Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS 1.6, so all skins, knives or other items found there cannot be used on Steam or official game made by Valve.
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Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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