Dino Road is a perfect storm of tyrannosaurs and highway shootouts, all rolled into a tight 8.5 megabyte arcade action game. Cruise through three worlds to stop the evil Ziggurat Prophet from bringing down the meteor of the dinosaur apocalypse. Master the gear-shifting combo system and arm yourself with the deadliest weapons and vehicles money can buy. Tear up waves of bikers, bombers, mean-muggin' tattooed fish, golden laser bulls, and armored cars while rocking out to a radical retro soundtrack.

*For this high-speed action game, a mouse is highly recommended over a touch-pad.*

Drive with the arrow keys or WASD keys. Aim with the mouse and click to shoot. Press Escape or P to pause/unpause during gameplay.

Progress is saved automatically. You can come back and start from the latest stage you've reached even if you close your browser. All the upgrades you bought will still be unlocked.
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