he universe of zombie friv games just got a bit larger: Earn to Die is a brand new zombie trashing game that will definitely pump up your adrenaline and keep you on the edge of your seat.

Your goal in this game is to kill all the zombies you encounter all the while trying to keep alive. The story is rather simple: you are stranded in the desert, on top of an abandoned water tower and your only way out is a helicopter that has landed on a ridge further away.

You could just go to the helicopter and take of to save yourself, but the only small detail that is standing in your way comprises of a bunch of vicious and hateful zombies that are trying to take you out. What you need in order to get to the helicopter safely is a vehicle of some sort.

Unfortunately, the problem is that the vehicles that you have to choose from aren’t in the best of shapes and, once you take your pick, you must constantly upgrade and improve it. Keep in mind that this car is your only hope for rescue, so be careful what you do and where you go with it.

The zombies are going to relentlessly try to eat you alive, which means that you must pay attention to the whole playing field as you are aiming for the helicopter, because you never know what direction the dangers might come from.

The key element in this game is to constantly upgrade your vehicle. Once you manage to earn enough money to perform all your upgrades on one vehicle, you can try to move on to the next. Keep in mind, though, that a new vehicle comes almost bare, meaning you will have to start from scratch again.

Every time you hit a zombie, your car slows down a little, because you have to overcome that obstacle. That is also a good reason to invest in a weapon, because it takes out the zombie before you even get to it by car. Sometimes it is useful to be in the air while hitting the zombies, because that way you don’t have to run over them, you just fly.

For that you can also use the boost system, which you can also upgrade, and which provides you with a short term, but very powerful energy boost. This is most useful when you want to destroy more objectives at once or you have a steep slope to climb.
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