Burn and melt (Or be careful not to!) your way through 20 levels and free all the Fire Spirits! This is a skill based platformer with light puzzle elements. Throw fireballs, avoid the water, shrink down or flame on! You'll need all these skills and more to complete the adventure. Need more challenge? Try to beat your best time at each level! Thanks for checking out my game! Whatever you think, comments and feedback are welcome! Music from OpenGameArt.org: "Kir Played The SNES! Again!" by Spring "Upbeat Chiptune Theme" by nihilocrat

Move: A & D, or ← & →
Jump: W, ↑ or Space bar
Fireball/Shrink: F , J , or Z
Enflame: S, ↓ (Hold)
Pause: Esc
Toggle Mute: M
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