The Lost Planet Zenox is inspired from an old retro game called "Thrust".

You found a mysterious mineral at the asteroid belt of the Zenox Planet. But before bringing it to the earth your ship got attacked by pirates and crushed to the Zenox. Why pirates attacked and how will you get back to Earth?

With multiple ending story we aim to give you a chill retro experience.

Game is still in development.

We'd appericate if you wishlist it.

Thank you and stay tuned for updates.

Rotate: Left-Right arrows & A-D
Thrust: Space & C & L
Shot: Left-Shift & X & K when you have the upgrade.

You can use whichever you feel comfortable.
arrows + XC
arrows + space shift
wAsD + KL (for left-handers)

The goal is to get the crystal(s) and go to the lab.
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