It's almost the end of the day, you're off work and it's time for you to walk all the way to your home. It's a long road and it's quite rainy out there, don't forget to put on a jacket you're gonna catch a cold. By the way, you forgot your umbrella. What a bummer, it would be a shame if, say... You were vulnerable to water.

Rainy Day is an unique platformer with old school ASCII graphics. In this world, your umbrella is your only defense against this downpour. Make you way through the streets, the park an old abandonned factory, and many other places by running, jumping, glidind. But don't forget : be sure the water never hits you !

6 wides levels to explore! Several secrets ! Deadly traps ! Umbrella ! Rain ! At least two jokes ! Three differents endings ( About what ? I dunno, go figure) ! Nine exclamation point ! Isn't that enough ? Make it ten ! And a time attack mode but shhhhh that's a secret.

Arrows key - move and jump
X - fold/unfold your umbrella

M - mute/unmute sound
S - mute/unmute SFX

K - respawn
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